Kaseta-UŻ. Chumbawamba "Uneasy listening"

40,00 zł

Kaseta UŻYWANA. Składankowa Chumbawamba z tych najfajniejszych, jak dla mnie, płyt z lat 1986-1998.

VG / VG+.

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A1 ...And In A Nutshell

A2 Mouthful Of Shit

A3 Behave

A4 Timebomb

A5 Morality Play In Three Acts

A6 Enough Is Enough

A7 On Being Pushed

A8 Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire

A9 Ugh! Your Ugly Houses!

A10 Look, No Strings

A11 Big Mouth Strikes Again

B1 This Girl

B2 Smash Clause 29!

B3 Georgina

B4 Waiting, Shouting

B5 Song Of The Mother In Debt

B6 On The Day The Nazi Died

B7 Give The Anarchist A Cigarette

B8 Nothing Knocks Me Over

B9 We Don't Go To God's House Anymore

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