LP. V/A "Life is beautiful so why not eat health foods?"

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LP. Reedycja dwupłytowej składanki z 1983 r. Ciekawy przegląd amerykańskiego Punk/Hardcore/New wave

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Pierwsza reedycja po prawie 40 latach. Mastering, wkładka, kolory. Naprawdę dobry zestaw kapel. Warto mieć!

-Bags*     We Will Bury You     1:53
–Anti (6)     Up At Four     1:36
–Anti (6)     Repressed Agression     2:23
–Shattered Faith     Victims Of Society     1:33
–Shattered Faith     Short-Haired Thugs     1:23
–Shattered Faith     What Happened?     1:37
–China White (7)     Danger Zone     3:15
–M.I.A. (6)     Last Day At The Races     1:40
–M.I.A. (6)     Missing Or Captured     0:28
–Ill Will (2)     Ill Will Theme Song     1:07
–Ill Will (2)     Mr. Government     2:55

–Germs     Media Blitz (Live At The Hong Kong Café)     0:58
–Germs     What We Do Is Secret (Live At The Hong Kong Café)     0:40
–Minutemen     Prelude     1:15
–Bpeople     I Said Everybody     1:36
–Mood Of Defiance     Girl In A Painting Part 2    
–Mood Of Defiance     Flower Child    
–Invisible Chains     Eienstiens Followers     2:35
–Marshall Mellow     Marshmellow Children     1:20
–Zurich 1916     Sugars Sugar     2:37
–Zurich 1916     Interconnected Amplifier Feedback Loop Piece #2 Section E (1979)     1:35
–Vox Pop     Good Times Pt.1     0:11
–Vox Pop     Paint It Black     1:53
–Powertrip     Iron Horse     2:25

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