LP. Negative Approach "Nothing Will Stand In Our Way"

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LP. "Demos, live, Outtakes 1981-'82"." i wszystko jasne.


Numerów 58

        First Known Recording 1981   

A1        Pressure
A2        Ring Ring Ring
A3        Fashionable Idiots
A4        You Don't Know

        First Gig - Bookie's - Detroit 9/30/81   

A5        Fashionable Idiots
A6        Chaos Written-By – 4 Skins
A7        No Doubt About It
A8        Pressure
A9        I Don't Want It
A10        Sick Of Talk
A11        Lost Cause
A12        Negative Approach

        Clubhouse Demo - Detroit 1981   

A13        Ready To Fight
A14        Pressure
A15        Fashionable Idiots
A16        Sick Of Talk
A17        Negative Approach
A18        D.A.B.F.
A19        Genocide
A20        No Doubt About It
A21        Lost Cause
A22        Ready To Fight (Second Take)
A23        Pressure (Second Take)

        Mudd Club - NYC 8/01/82   

A24        Can't Tell No One
A25        Friend Or Foe
A26        Live Your Life
A27        Pressure
A28        Fair Warning
A29        Sick Of Talk
A30        Whatever I Do
A31        Chaos Written-By – 4 Skins
A32        Said And Done
B33        Ready To Fight
B34        Lost Cause
B35        Why Be Something That You're Not
B36        Genocide
B37        Nothing
B38        Never Surrender Written-By – Blitz
B39        Negative Approach

        First E.P. Outtakes 1982   

B40        D.A.B.F.
B41        Chaos Written-By – 4 Skins

        Freezer Theater - Detroit 6/18/82   

B42        Can't Tell No One
B43        Whatever I Do
B44        Ready To Fight
B45        Live Your Life
B46        Said And Done
B47        ChaosWritten-By – 4 Skins
B48        Fair Warning
B49        Sick Of Talk
B50        Why Be Something That You're Not
B51        Nothing
B52        Lost Cause
B53        Negative Approach

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